Welcome to our site

Welcome to the MNMJEC CSE site created by the students of the CSE department for purpose of distributing and circulating information and important documents among the students. Hope you find the site useful.

Meaning of our logo: We have used the sign of the 'Illuminati' as our logo as we feel that this truly represents what we are trying to do here. The Illuminati was a secret organisation that consisted of the most brilliant and innovative members of all times including people like Galileo, Leornado Da Vinci etc. It was formed to oppose the blind practices and traditions of the church and the restrictions that prevented them from advancing forward. Weird though it may look and geeky though it may sound, we have created this site to have the same rebellion against boredom and incompetency and try to attain a better future.

For this purpose, we shall be posting many student related documents and accessories such as question banks, model papers, solved assignments etc along with fun stuff like multimedia and technical articles to make it interesting for you.

At the end of the day this site has been made for YOU, so that you can benefit from it in any and every way possible. Hope you appreciate the efforts taken by us and make the max. possible use of the site.

For further help you can contact any of the admin members to help you out.

Also please note that the template (website background) that we have used now is only temporary. As more number of members join the site, we shall change the template to a more professional, permanent background. So keep giving your feedback and we shall try improving the site as much as possible.